Rules and Regulations for Undergraduate Programs


1. Introduction
    1.1 The Course System
2. Student Admission
3. Number of Terms in a Year
    3.1 Duration of Terms
4. Course Pattern and Credit Structure
    4.1 Course Designation and Numbering System
    4.2 Assignment of Credits

5. Type of Courses
    5.1 Core Courses
    5.2 Prerequisite Courses
    5.3 Optional Courses
6. Course Offering and Instruction
7. Departmental Monitoring Committee
8. Teacher Student Interaction
9. Student Adviser
10. Course Registration
    10.1 Registration Procedure
    10.2 Limits on the Credit Hours to be taken
    10.3 Pre-conditions for Registration
    10.4 Pre-registration
    10.5 Registration Deadline
    10.6 Penalty for Late Registration
    10.7 Course Adjustment Procedure
    10.8 Withdrawal from a Term
11. The Grading System
    11.1 Distribution of Marks
12. Earned Credits
13. Honors
    13.1 Dean’s List
14. Calculation of GPA
    14.1 A Numerical Example
15. Classification of Students
16. Registration for the Second and Subsequent Terms
17. Performance Evaluation
18. Academic Progress, Probation and Suspension
19. Measures for Helping Acaademically Weak Students
20. Rules for Special Courses
21 Rules for Courses offered in Short Term
22. Minimum Earned Credit and GPA Requirement for Obtaining Degree
    22.1 Application for Graduation and Award of Degree
23. Industrial/Professional Training Requirements
24. Time Limits for Completion of Bachelor’s Degree
25. Inclusion of Repeater from Annual System in Course System
    25.1 Equivalence of Courses and Grades
    25.2 Exemption of Courses
    25.3 Time Limit for Completion of Bachelor’s Degree
    25.4 Relaxation of course registration for student transfered to course system from annual system
26. Attendance, Conduct and Discipline
    26.1 Attendance
    26.2 Conduct and Discipline
27. Absence during a Term

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