1. Introduction

From the academic session 1990-1991, the University has introduced the course system for undergraduate studies. This new system replaces the earlier administered annual system with failed students of the annual system being absorbed in the course system of the curricula.

This new system has been introduced with an aim to create a continuous, even and consistent workload throughout the term for the students. This new curriculum does not demand the same rate of academic progress from all students for obtaining the degree but only lays down the pace expected of a normal student. A student whose background or capacity for assimilation is lower is permitted to complete the program at a slower pace by studying a fewer number of courses during a given term, subject to a minimum course load.

The following are the rules and regulations for administering undergraduate course curricula through the course system. The following articles have been reproduced from Rules and Regulations for Course System (May 1999) after incorporating all the amendments that were subsequently made to it (up to January 2005).

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