6. Course Offering and Instruction

The courses to be offered in a particular term are announced and published in the Course Catalog along with the tentative Term Schedule before the end of the previous term. The courses to be offered in any term will be decided by the respective Board of Undergraduate Studies (BUGS). Respective departments may arrange to offer one or more prerequisite or core courses in any term depending upon the number of students who dropped or failed the course in the previous term.

Each course is conducted by a course teacher who is responsible for maintaining the expected standard of the course and for the assessment of student performance. Depending on the strength of registered students (i.e. on the number of students) enrolled for the course, the teacher concerned might have course associates and teaching assistants (TA) to aid in teaching and assessment.

For a course strength necessitating two or more parallel classes or sections, one of the course teachers or any other member of the teaching staff of the department be designated as course coordinator. He/she has the full responsibility for coordinating the work of the other members of the department involving in that course.

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