9. Student Adviser

One adviser is normally appointed for a group of students by the Board of Undergraduate Studies (BUGS) of the concerned department. The adviser advises each student about the courses to be taken in each term by discussing the academic program of that particular term with the student. However, it is also the student’s responsibility to keep regular contact with his/her adviser who will review and eventually approve the student’s specific plan of study and monitor subsequent progress of the student. The adviser is usually in the rank of an Assistant Professor or above of the concerned department.

For a student of second and subsequent terms, the number and nature of courses for which he/she can register is decided on the basis of academic performance during the previous term. The adviser will advise the students to register for the courses during the next term within the framework of the guidelines in respect of minimum/ maximum credit hours limits, etc. which are elaborated at appropriate places in this document. He is also authorized to permit the student to drop one ore more courses based on his previous academic performance and corresponding categorization (Art. 16).

Special provisions exists academically weak students with regard to make-up courses (Art. 19).

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