Campus Life

The BUET campus is in the heart of the city of Dhaka. It has a compact campus with halls of residence within walking distances of the academic buildings. At present the campus occupies 76.85 acres (31.1 hectares) of land. The academic area itself occupies 30.24 acres (12.24 hectares) of land defined by Shahid Sharani, Bakshi Bazar Road and Asian Highway. The physical expansion of the university over the last few years has been quite impressive.Currently the main academic buildings include:


To accommodate the large number of students studying in BUET, the campus houses eight residential Halls:

The campus includes the Vice-chancellor’s residence building, two residential areas for the residence of faculty members, namely the Dhakeshori R/A and the Bakshi-Bazar R/A. It also contains two residential areas for officers and support staffs, a cafeteria for students, a teacher’s club and two mosques.

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