19. Measures for Helping Academically Weak Students

The following provisions will be made as far as possible to help such academically weak students to enable them to complete their studies within the maximum allowable period of seven years in Engineering and eight years in Architecture.

  1. All such students whose Cumulative GPA is less than 2.20 at the end of a term may be given a load of not more than four courses in the next term.
  2. For other academic deficiencies, some basic and core courses may be offered during the Short Term in order to enable the academically weak students to partially make-up for the reduced work load during Regular Terms.

Academically weak students will be identified according to the following criteria:

  1. The Term GPA falling below 2.20 points below that of previous term.
  2. The Cumulative CGPA falls below 2.20.
  3. The earned number of credits falls below 15 times the number of terms attended.
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