20. Rules for Special Courses

A special course is a self-study course, but is amongst the regular courses listed in the course catalog. This type of course is offered only in exceptional cases. The following rules are applicable to all special courses.

  • Whether a course is to be floated as a special course will be decided by the Head of the concerned department in consultation with the teacher/course coordinator concerned. Such a decision also has to be reported to the Academic Council.
  • The special course is offered to a student in his/her last term if it helps him/her to graduate in that term.
  • A special course may be offered in a particular term only if the course is not running in that term as a regular course.
  • Normally no lecture will be delivered for a special course but laboratory/design classes may be held if they form part of a course.
  • The course coordinator/course teacher will assign homework, administer quizzes, and final examination for giving assessments at the end of the term.
  • A student is allowed to register for a maximum of two courses on a self-study basis.
  • A special course cannot be utilized for grade improvement purposes.
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