22. Minimum Earned Credit and GPA Requirement for Obtaining Degree

Minimum credit hour requirements for the award of bachelor’s degree in engineering (B.Sc. Engg.) and architecture (B.Arch.) will be decided by the respective BUGS. However, at least 157 credit hours for engineering and 190 credit hours for architecture must be earned to be eligible for graduation, and this must include the specified core courses. The minimum GPA requirement for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and architecture is 2.20.

A student may take additional courses with the consent of his/her Adviser in order to raise GPA, but he/she may take a maximum of 15 such additional credits in engineering and URP, and 18 such additional credits in architecture beyond respective credit-hour requirements for Bachelor’s degree during his/her entire period of study.

22.1 Application for Graduation and Award of Degree

A student who has fulfilled all the academic requirements for Bachelor’s degree will have to apply to the Controller of Examinations through his/her Adviser for graduation. Provisional degree will be awarded on completion of credit and GPA requirements. Such provisional degrees will be confirmed by the Academic Council.

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