4. Course Pattern and Credit Structure

The undergraduate program is covered by a set of theoretical courses along with a set of laboratory/sessional courses to support them.

4.1 Course Designation and Numbering System

Each course is designated by a two to four letter code identifying the department offering the code followed by a three-digit number having the following interpretation:

  • The first digit corresponds to the year/level in which the course is normally taken by the students.
  • The second digit is reserved for departmental use. It usually identifies a specific area of study within the department.
  • The last digit is an odd number for theoretical courses and an even number for sessional courses.


4.2 Assignment of Credits

The assignment of credits to a theoretical course follows a different rule from that of a sessional course.

  • Theoretical Courses: One lecture per week per term is equivalent to one credit.
  • Sessional Courses: Credits for sessional courses is half of the class hours per week per term.

Credits are also assigned to project and thesis work taken by the students. The amount of credits assigned to such work varies from one discipline to another.

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