18. Academic Progress, Probation and Suspension

Academic Progress: Undergraduate students will be considered to be making normal progress toward a degree if their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for all work attempted is not less than 2.20.

Probation and Suspension:Undergraduate students who fail to maintain the minimum rate of progress as mentioned before may be placed on academic probation. The objective of the academic probation is to remind or warn the student that satisfactory progress towards graduation is not being made. A student may be placed on academic probation when either of the following conditions exists.

  1. The Term GPA falls below 2.20, or
  2. The Cumulative GPA falls below 2.20.

Students on probation are subject to such restrictions with respect to courses and extracurricular activities as may be imposed by the respective Dean of Faculty.

The minimum period of probation is one term, but the usual period is for one academic year. This gives the student an opportunity to improve the GPA through the completion of additional course work during the period the student is on probation. The probation may be extended for additional terms until the students achieve an overall GPA of 2.20 or better. When the condition is achieved the student is returned to good standing.

An academic probation is not to be taken lightly. A student on academic probation who fails to maintain a GPA of at least 2.20 during two consecutive academic years may be suspended from the University. A student who has been suspended may petition to the Dean of Faculty, but this petition will not be considered until the student has been suspended for at least one full term.

Petitions for reinstatement must set forth clearly the reasons for the previous unsatisfactory academic records and it must delineate the new conditions that have been created to prevent the recurrence of such work. Each such petition is considered individually on its own merits.

After consideration of the petition, and perhaps after consultation with the student, the Dean in some cases reinstates the student if this is the first suspension of that student. However, a second suspension from the university will be regarded as final and absolute.

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