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The largest one among the five faculties of BUET, the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) started its operation in the year 1982 being formed through a process of segregating the Faculty of Engineering. Since then the faculty has been led by its senior professors as the Dean by turn. The faculty initially comprised only the Dept. of EEE with an intake of 120 undergraduate students per batch that was raised to 130 later on besides its usual strength of postgraduate students.


To cater to the needs of the time a new Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was established as the second Dept. under the EEE Faculty in the year 1984 and it evolved through several stages. Since the year 2001 the EEE Faculty has been operating with an undergraduate intake of 250 students (130 in the EEE Dept. and 120 in the CSE Dept.) and a commensurate postgraduate intake (an annual enrolment of approximately 200 PG students in the two component Depts.). In the year 2006 with an augmented undergraduate intake of 180 students/batch in the EEE Dept., the Faculty of EEE has grown further large relative to any other faculty in BUET.

As is the tradition the EEE Faculty has been the first choice of the top-notch students; e.g. 180+120= 300 seats are filled from among the top 350 students who become successful in a competitive test conducted by BUET for its undergraduate admission. In line with this and to accommodate newer laboratories and modern facilities keeping pace with the rapidly expanding ECE (electrical and computer engineering) fields, the EEE Faculty is expected to be shifted to a 12-storied building (almost double the present space) located at Plassey 1 km west from the present premises by the year 2009.

The motto of the EEE Faculty is to keep the top-notch students updated and ready to face challenges in the rapidly changing ECE (electrical and computer engineering) fields. The visionary aims of this Faculty are:

1) to emerge as the center of excellence in terms of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research in ECE in Asia in the next 20 years.

2) to continue to strive for becoming a world-class institution of higher learning in the ECE discipline that continuously undergoes fascinating breakthroughs.

Dean of EEE Faculty
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