Selection Board:

1. Selection Board for the appointment of teachers shall consist of the following:

  • The Vice-Chancellor – Chairman
  • The Deans of the Faculties
  • Director General of Technical Education
  • Two members to be nominated by the Syndicate

For the appointment of Professors and Associate Professors, three experts nominated by the Chancellor for the subject concerned shall be co-opted, provided that at least one of them shall be an external expert.

For the appointment of teachers other than Professors and Associate Professors the Head of the Department concerned and one expert on the subject nominated by the Vice-Chancellor shall be co-opted.

2. The quorum for the meeting of Selection Board shall be three.

3. The term of office of the nominated members shall be one year.

4. The functions of the Selection Board shall be as follows:

  • To consider the applications from candidates for the posts of teachers in the University.
  • To recommend to the Syndicate the names of suitable candidates for appointment to the posts of teachers
  • To suggest the terms and conditions that may be offered to the selected candidates for the posts of teachers.

5. In case of difference of opinions between the Selection Board and the Syndicate, the matter shall be referred to the Chancellor for final decision.

6. The Selection Board may in a special case recommended to the Syndicate that a highly distinguished scholar be invited to occupy the chair of a Professor on such terms and conditions as the Syndicate may decide.

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