The Academic Council:

The Academic Council shall consist of the following:

  • The Vice-Chancellor- Chairman
  • The Deans of the Faculties
  • The Heads of the Teaching Departments
  • The Professors
  • The Associate Professors
  • The Director of Advisory, Extension and Research Services
  • The Director of Students’ Welfare and
  • Five persons to be nominated by the Chancellor.

Powers and duties of Academic Council

The Academic council shall have the power:

  • to advise the Syndicate on all Academic matters
  • to make University Ordinance for the proper conduct of teaching, research and examination and for promoting academic life in the University and the colleges
  • to lay down conditions under which the students may be given admission to the various courses of studies and the examinations held by the university
  • to propose to the Syndicate schemes for constitution of University, Departments and Boards of Studies
  • to deal with University teaching and to make proposals for the planning and development of teaching and research in the University
  • to prescribe, subject to the approval of the Syndicate and upon the recommendation of the Boards of Studies and the Faculties, the courses of Studies the syllabuses and the outlines of texts for all the examination. Provided that if the recommendations of a Board of Studies or Faculty are not available to the Academic Council by the tenth of April each year, it may subject to the approval of the Syndicate, continue for the next year the courses of studies already prescribed for the examination
  • to recognize the examinations of other University or Boards or Institute as equivalent to the corresponding examinations of the University
  • to make University Ordinances for the award of Fellowships, Scholarships, Medals and Prizes.

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