Student Activities

Students’ Union:
There is an elected students’ body in the university, called EUCSU ( Engineering University Central Students’ Union ). The VC is the president of this union. All other members are elected by the undergraduate students. The posts in EUCSU are listed below :

  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Assistant General Secretary
  • Cultural Secretary
  • Sports Secretary
  • Secretary of Publications
  • Secretary for Reception
BADHAN: Introduction of ‘BADHAN’ BUET zone & Commitee 2014

Badhan is a voluntary blood donors’ organization. Here the members maintain the database of blood groups of students. When a client (normally patient’s relative) comes for a certain group of blood, the members communicate with available donor and inspire him/her to donate. Thus the patient gets fresh blood which is qualitatively better than freeze-up blood. Besides, this organization arranges various programs like free blood group testing, vaccination etc. Badhan, Buet Zone is currently continuing it’s activities in 7 units in 7 residential halls.


Clubs in BUET:

Association of Computer and Electrical Students ( ACES ) is a government registered organization for the interested students of the faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, BUET. The association has a rental-type library and other facilities for the students’ benefit. It also arranges software shows and the like for its members.

Amra ’92 & Austok:
Amra’92 is an association of the student’s of batch ’92 (who have passed their HSC in 1992). Austok is another similar organization that represents batch ’91. There are some other organizations of this sort, in the campus, notably Sarathi for batch’93. All these organizations arrange various programs celebrating different anniversaries, specially the RagDay ( the final day for a batch in the university ).

BUET Chess Club:
The Chess Club in BUET is one of the younger clubs, yet it already achieved considerable accomplishment, successfully arranging the first Inter-university Chess Tournament.

BUET Debating Club:
Debating is a popular form of performing art in the campuses of Bangladesh. A number of bright debaters have emerged from BUET. Certainly, BUET Debating Club can claim credit for this achievement. It is one of the most active clubs in the campus.

BUET Film Society:
This club arranges film shows from different countries. Movie enthusiasts crowd this club for viewing films of renowned directors. BFS also arranges seminars on motion pictures.

BUET Photographic Society:
Despite being one of the youngest clubs of BUET, this society has already become one of the largest and most active one. Surely, there are a lot of photography enthusiasts in BUET. BPS arranges workshops on photography, on different scales, and creates a platform for exchanging experiences/views among the members.

Satyen Bose Club:
Satyen Bose Club is the only science organization in the campus. It is the meeting place for people who are interested in pure science and mathematics. Besides regular weekly meetings of the members – where anything from recreational mathematics to Cosmology can be discussed – the club arranges a popular lecture series on science. Eminent scientists deliver speeches in these lectures, arranged twice a month.

Other Clubs:
Some other students’ clubs are also active active in the campus, detailed information about them is unavailable to date. These include BUET Sahitya Samsad (BUET Literary Society), BUET Drama Society, Kantha BUET ( a recitation group ) and BUET Environment Watch.

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