BAS – Dr. M.O. Ghani Memorial Gold Medal – 2007


Professor Dr. M. Feroze Ahmed of Civil Engineering Department, BUET has been selected for the award of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (Dr. M. O. Ghani Memorial) Gold Medal, 2007 for his excellent work and contribution in his field of research and in general to the progress of science and technology in this country. He also received:

  1. IEB Gold Medal, 2004 by The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh in recognition of meritorious performance and service to the nation and to engineering profession as well as valuable contribution towards enhancement of knowledge and innovation in discharging duties. Hon’able Prime Minister, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh formally awarded this highly prestigious medal on 14th May, 2005.
  2. Dr. Rashid Memorial Gold Medal, 1998 by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in recognition of excellence in teaching, research, active participation in national and international forum and contribution to BUET administration. Hon’able Prime Minister, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Chancellor of BUET formally awarded this prestigious medal on 20th January 2001.
  3. recognition by the American Chemical Society (ACS), the largest Professional Society of the World as a leading scientist in the field of arsenic research and published his works and views on arsenic contamination under the element Arsenic in a Periodic Table. American Chemical Society published this Periodic Table on the occasion of 80th anniversary of the Society citing the works of a world renowned scientist under each element of the Periodic Table.

Professor Ahmed published 124 technical papers in international, national journals and conference proceedings including 3 papers in one of the world’s top ranked publicationsScience. He also authored and edited 14 books on current environmental issues of national and international importance; some of them are available at United Nations University, Harvard University and BUET web sites for international researchers. His book on Water Supply and Sanitation is a popular textbook in most of the public and private universities involved in engineering education in Bangladesh. The book is also used as a text and reference book in some universities in U.K., Canada, Denmark and African Countries.


He is an elected Fellow of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences since June 2009

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